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Build On Your Own Lot

I won't always tell you what you need in life, because I think most people know, but I will tell you this need - to save you time and headache and confusion: You need one place to realize every possible path you can take when on the hunt for your home, whether it's a starter, to a home for now, a stepping stone home, or your ultimate dream home.

You've found the right blog with the right real estate agent authoring it. Now, in our area, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right home with what is available on the market. Maybe we'll gain more inventory soon, maybe we won't. The point is, you're looking now. You're researching now. You're probably overwhelmed now.

Stop, and breathe a minute. You can hire someone to reduce this stress, to make sense of this overwhelming task, and to help sort this out for you and present ALL of your options. Whether you're open to the idea of building, or you'd rather not, you need an agent to be real with you pertaining to all the ways in which a person can locate the home that meets their current goal.

So, let's talk, Build On Your Own Lot.

No need to consult the trends on whether this is a blog post worth writing; I hear it every day:

Where can I find land to build on?

How much is going to cost to build a home in ____ {fill in the Northeast Florida area county}?

What goes first, the chicken or the egg? Am I putting the cart before the horse?

Which builders can I afford?

How much is it to prepare land to build on?

What's involved in a 'construction to perm' loan?

Luckily, I even have easy-to-understand literature for you to help guide you, answers to these frequently-asked questions, and appointment slots blocked off each week to ensure availability for free consultations.

If you're now asking - Where do I start? My answer is: Start here.

If you're then asking - Should I call now? My answer is: Yes.

It will be helpful to have my contact information handy:

386.336.5059 {Call or Text} &

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