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Homestead Exemption Reminder for Florida Homeowners

Hi Fellow Floridians,

Now is the time of year I circulate reminders via email and social media for my past clients to file for their homestead exemption. Being my neighbors, I feel compelled to share this with all of you, too.

The filing deadline is MARCH 1st.

Please please please do this — the homestead exemption saves you money on your property taxes for the current year and caps increases for years to come at 3%, as long as you can still claim the property is your homestead.

I want you to save money.

Not applying for the homestead exemption can knock some buyers out of the debt-to-income range when they’re looking at your house to buy, should you sell it in the future and not apply this homestead exemption. This would be because your property is subject to property tax increases with a 10% cap (versus a 3% cap with the exemption).

If you’ve read this far, please also request the portability benefit if you have previously moved from another homestead property in Florida. More savings for you—request this portability benefit at the time of application for your homestead exemption. There is a time limit.

Let me know if you aren’t sure whether you’ve filed for this—I can help find out.

This is very easy to do. You’ll need to update your Florida Driver’s license or Florida ID Card with your address first. Please reach out to me if you need further assistance in organizing for your homestead exemption application.

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